~How to find your room~

01 Counseling and property introduction
02 a Preview of room
03 Important Notes Description

04 Contract completed, move-in

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us anything.

Why BAYS is chosen

Mediation fee is free!!

This means that if the rent is 100,000 yen… it's a bargain over 100,000 yen!! That's how much furniture and home appliances you can buy ♪

*We charge brokerage fees for offices, stores, and corporate contracts.

Lowest initial cost!

At first, we have the image that it costs a lot of money, but we can show you the initial cost cheaper than other companies!

From inquiries to contracts via LINE!!

Contact us via LINE!! Feel free to contact us whenever you want! *Response may be delayed depending on the time.

If it's BAYS

  • Mediation fee is 0 yen!!! *We charge brokerage fees for offices, stores, and corporate contracts.
  • From inquiries to contracts on LINE!!
  • Inquiries about properties searched on SUUMO and Holmes are available *Please be careful of decoys.
  • Scope: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka
  • lowest initial cost
  • Lifeline can also be offered at the lowest price

~Competitive Comparison~

If you sign a contract with BAYS, there is a possibility that you will be about 200,000 yen different from other companies!※ It may vary depending on the property.

~Recommended for people like this~

I'm so busy that the timing of going to real estate is…

Want to minimize initial costs…

I want to consult with you on LINE easily!

I want to be particular about furniture and home appliances, but I don't have enough money…

Please feel free to contact us if you fall under the above conditions♪ We will help you find a room!!

~house-hunting trend~

look for a house of interest
Tell them about the properties or conditions searched on SUUMO and Holmes. *Or you can consult with LINE first.
*Please be careful of decoys.
Send photos and URLs via LINE
I would like to propose a maximum of 5 items.
In order to meet your needs, we will carefully listen to your requests and guide you if there is a property you like.
Application and Examination
If you have a favorite property, please apply!We will support you until the contract is completed!
Deposit of Initial Expenses and Contract
The final stage will finally be completed once the examination is completed!! Your dream room is just around the corner!!
key transfer and occupancy
We will give you the key to your place of residence the day before or on the day before your move-in date. If you have any difficulties moving in, please feel free to contact us.

~Frequently Asked Questions~

Why is the brokerage fee free?

In addition to the customer's brokerage fee, we actually receive an advertising fee from the landlord.Therefore, everything with advertising fees offers a free brokerage fee. 

*We charge brokerage fees for offices, stores, and corporate contracts.

When should I inquire?

Please contact us a month or two before you move in.

Where is the target area?

They are Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. You can also contact other regions.

Are there few introductory properties?

We can show you the properties we found in SUUMO and Holmes, and we can also show you the properties that our company owns.

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