Condominium value added business

Installation of home delivery boxes

Home delivery box positioned in higher rank under reservation. Recently, delivery boxes are detachable, so they can be installed in a small space.

●Installation of security cameras

Security cameras have become indispensable equipment for condominiums. Remote monitoring, pixel accuracy and HDD capacity have also increased from smartphones, making it possible to install them in condominiums at a low price.。

LED Installation

It's only natural that the electricity bill will be cheaper if the light bulb in the common area of the apartment is replaced with an LED, but conventional construction costs are very high and amortization for 7-8 years was a matter of course.Our company has secured our own construction and light bulb purchasing routes, so we can write off the cost of light bulbs and construction for 2-3 years.After amortization, the reduced cost of electricity will be returned to the owner's revenue.

●Exterior wall construction

Exterior wall construction is necessary not only to clean apartments but also to extend the life of buildings. Recently, some exterior wall painting companies are doing bad construction for buildings that reduce prices and skip processes. Even if the construction looks the same when it is completed, the life of the building will be very different. Our company has a direct business partnership with the stable master, so we offer it at a safe and inexpensive price.

Long sheet construction

The long seat is suitable for the common area of the condominium, and the surface is uneven and anti-slip embossed, so it is not slippery because it has moderate flexibility. It also has moderate cushioning properties, which greatly reduces walking noise and can be constructed in outdoor areas exposed to ultraviolet rays or rain. In addition, it is very durable and waterproof against wear and scratches that may cause concerns when walking.