Building maintenance

BAYS offers a comprehensive set of services so that you can trust building maintenance.Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with building maintenance.The salesperson in charge will come to explain.

Building maintenance work

Daily cleaning

Cleaning is necessary to make the building last longer.

 Regular cleaning

Clean the building regularly.

EV maintenance management

We regularly inspect elevators to prevent accidents.

Water tank cleaning

We also regularly clean the water storage tank that stores water for daily use.

Inspection of fire defense equipment

Fire defense equipment inspection is not required to ensure safety in life.

 Connected water supply pipe pressure test

Test takers who have received technical guidance from the Fire and Disaster Management Agency will conduct a safe and reliable test.

Cleaning of miscellaneous drains

If you leave the drainpipe where the water passes, red mold will come out…I will clean it for peace of mind

Periodic Survey of Special Buildings

A professional researcher performs a safety check on the building.

 Emergency response operations

Residents can live with peace of mind.