BAYS Restoration work

Restoration work requires a variety of techniques, so we are performing construction that maximizes cost performance and reduces costs rather than normal renovation costs.Of course, if you replace everything with a new one, it will be clean, but I think you have a budget.That's why we always pursue a price that satisfies our customers and a satisfactory finish."We received compliments from customers who used it once, and above all, we have an outstanding repeat rate."

It's amazing here

Construction without giving up

Walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms...even customers who have been rejected by other companies due to severe scratches or severe yellowing discoloration or who have given up on expensive estimates may be able to recover with our technology.Please don't give up and consult with us.

●Low cost

Usually, when we repaper the wallpaper, we buy cloth and repaper it but our company does not use cloth and uses special paint, so the cost is much lower.Moreover, since it is built in-house, there is no outsourcing cost.

Surprised by the finish

It is possible to cleanly repair all the rooms including perforated walls, damaged floors, deformed handrails, and discolored doorknobs.